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Marketing Intelligence


MEDiVICE … accompanies you and carries out your :
Marketing intelligence

Detecting needs and trends (Technology watch)
     ● You want to identify innovation and usage opportunities in a field, and to do so, understand the issues of professionals in the target sector as well as their problems and expectations.
     ● Identifying the growth markets for your market, especially in your market niche, at the present time and at time “t” as well as future trends, allows you to understand and anticipate the technology markets and business models that are reshaping your industry and your competitive landscape.

Sourcing Innovative Solutions (Technology Watch)
     ● You are facing a development and growth issue for your company or market. You want to find innovative solutions to remedy it, pivot your current offer and products (adapt it, modify it, redefine it, find the right product/market fit, …).
     ● You want to explore and penetrate new markets.
     ● Determine the technological strategy. (Technology watch)

Track competitors and agitators, innovators.