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External sales manager: a valuable ally

A outsourced sales manager, what for?

To succeed in its development, a company needs to have visibility on its commercial activities regardless of the number of employees or salespeople it hires.

What are the missions of the sales manager?

• Structure and manage the sales process
• Manage sales people
• Organize a sales challenge

Who can benefit from outsourced sales management?

• Companies that want to develop a sales force and do not have a sales director or manager
• Companies that already have one or more sales managers but want to explore new market segments without dipping into their existing resources
• Companies that do not want to hire a full-time sales manager to work on one-off assignments

Why choose a timeshare sales manager?

The “time-sharing” corresponds to a new form of organization of the companies which is registered in the time without limits.
The interests are numerous for the leaders of VSE/SME and many have already taken the step:
• A service contract,
• No employer charges,
• No risk of industrial action, and
• The contribution of operational and technical skills at a chosen pace.

Financial and accounting aspects

The timeshare sales manager, acting as a service provider, appears in the accounts as an expense rather than a payroll.