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Bringing medical innovations to market with unlimited power

Stéphane Sercu

The world of healthcare, like the industry in general, is undergoing a transformation due to the appearance of new materials, new techniques and new technologies.

MEDiVICE is specialized in the world of MEDTECH, and more particularly in “MEDical deVICE“, hence its name.

Stéphane Sercu, its founder, has been an expert for more than 20 years in the field of medical, hospital and pharmaceutical equipment.
He has acquired a strong experience in multiple sectors, including endoscopy, renal dialysis, orthopedics, operating room equipment, intensive care, blood analyzers, and ophthalmology, collaborating with actors with very different profiles.
As a biomedical engineer and holder of a Master’s degree in Business Administration, his wide-ranging career path has led him to occupy diverse and complementary positions, at local, national and international levels: technical service, applications service, sales, business developer and sales manager.

In order to offer a complete panel, he decided with 3 associates to create the agency Universe Group which gathers the competences of 3 firms specialized in Business Intelligence at the international level.

Explanation of the MEDiVICE logo

MEDiVICE‘s logo was designed to highlight the vision and the many services the company can offer you.

The symbol of two complementary brains, the right, and the left combines creativity, intuition as well as science and technology.

These two brains represent the scientific world, and more particularly MedTech, a field in which MEDiVICE can bring you its expertise.

The two heads look in opposite directions. The views of each are thus nourished by complementarity and are enriched by new ideas always more innovative, new and original.

The numerous connections symbolize the links between individuals, whether on a national or international level and the importance of cohesion in a team in order to successfully complete a project.

These connections also aim to define the scope and added value of perfect knowledge of the internal and transversal functioning of the company by mastering all its cogs, services, and systems. My professional experience of more than 20 years at its different levels only confirms the positive impact that this dynamic can have on the development of your company.

The stars mean the strength to go forward, to see further and higher, to define your strategies and reach your goals and thus think about the future as it suits you.