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some information on the MEDTECH market

Versius has indication extended into thoracic surgery

CMR Surgical (CMR) today announced the Versius Surgical Robotic System® has been indicated for thoracics to support surgeons providing minimally invasive surgery to patients undergoing operations in the lungs, thymus[…]

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Robotics-Assisted Surgery – Five Predictions for 2022

Asensus Surgical CEO Anthony Fernando extrapolates from current trends, and provides insights into the future of robotics-assisted surgery, digitized surgery and telesurgery. There’s been much discussion regarding robotics-assisted surgery, digitized[…]

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Distalmotion Closes $90 Million Series E Financing Round

Distalmotion has raised $90 million in Series E financing to support the global commercialization and accelerate adoption of its surgical robot Dexter. The round was led by Revival Healthcare Capital[…]

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