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Ideation and development

Our mission is to seek out new market opportunities
opportunities in the market and to develop effective and sustainable business strategies for your companies.

Our mission is similar to that of a business developer: who is a fine connoisseur of commerce, but he is not a salesman. He has a much broader much broader function


• Look for new types of products or services that the company could produce by Putting forward bridges between the current activity and the targeted future activity;
Attract new customers by implementing innovative marketing strategies and targeting the needs of future the needs of its future customers;
• Entering markets where the company is not yet present;
• Master all the points to know about your company: its needs, its financial situation, its products products, its production capacity, its existing customers and especially its employees. From this analysis ; From this analysis come the actions and evolutions to be carried out.
• To carry out an audit of the internal capacities, surveys and simulations.


• The detection of new opportunities for the development of a structure on the market to participate in its growth and increase its turnover;
• The elaboration of the strategy of the next years to extend the activities of the company;
• The ability to have a vision of the medium and long term development of a company, to be attentive to the market and to anticipate opportunities (such as changes in legislation, the arrival of a competitor or the opening of a market);
• Knowledge and global vision of the Medtech sector;
• Ability to work with several departments and therefore collaborate with several teams.

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