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Navigating medical device development

Supporting businesses in the development journey by working alongside legal, regulatory, manufacturing, creative personnel and launching on different markets.


We help you to obtain a detailed understanding of a chosen market, its dynamics, target customers and extent of the commercial opportunity for your product or device; whether that is for a start-up company or those looking to expand into a different therapy areas or even countries.

Our evaluations define the problem and find answers :
• Which market is the company to concentrate its efforts?
• Who are the key influencing customers in the market?
• What value do they place on your proposition?
• What is the extent of unmet need in this disease area/market?
• Does your offering meet those needs?
• What is the competitive environment and how is it likely to change over the forecast period?
• What will be the clinical positioning and do you need to identify customer subgroups e.g. patients?
• What will be the market access market entry requirements and barriers at and beyond launch?

Medical Device consultingHIRE US !

We focus on developing B2B partnerships and end-customer relationships to create leads and grow sales opportunities for our clients.
We help small and medium-sized international companies enter the large European market confidently, effectively and efficiently.

For our clients we :
• Serve as the primary point of contact for European partners and customers
• Create a European address and permanent presence
• Leverage our extensive network of contacts in Europe and abroad
• Provide combined decades of experience in the Industry
• Position products and technologies in their key market channels

What we can do for youHIRE US !

Global sourcing of medical devices for healthcare providers and distributors, a tailored package according to your exacting standards and detailed product specifications.

Sourcing medical devices :
With our expertise of medical devices we work with key suppliers offering a bespoke sourcing facility for healthcare providers and industry.

Supplier audit & due diligence : 
• Pricing and costing validation.
• Contract negotiation.
• Regulatory requirements.
• Quality Control.
• Packaging & User Instructions.

Dual Sourcing & Secondary suppliers
De-risking your current supply chain or managing peaks in supply and demand we can be your secondary source for key product lines.

A global solution in the sourcing of medical devices helping you manage your supply chain and sourcing requirements.

What we can do for youHIRE US !

Strategy and Business Development Expertise

By outsourcing your business development needs, you can stay focused on your projects and their evolution without wasting time and resources trying to understand a foreign market. For many years we have conducted much of our work as well on the field than remotely utilizing the internet, telephone and other online methodologies to reach out to your target audience. We are groing in field market research by adding our « go-to-market » services where a business developper is working closely with the end-users in their own practice. We will work with you to ensure your development plans do not falter.



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Wound Care & Dressing

New Therapies

Dentistry & Orthopedics

Hygiene / Disinfection

MEDiVICE supports you in your projects

Listening to your needs, MEDiVICE assists you in the development of a commercial strategy and implementation of appropriate and rapid solutions


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