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Versius voit son indication étendue à la chirurgie thoracique

CMR Surgical (CMR) today announced the Versius Surgical Robotic System® has been indicated for thoracics to support surgeons providing minimally invasive surgery to patients undergoing operations in the lungs, thymus and oesophagus. Following a gradual introduction with specific case and procedure selection, Versius has now been used in both major and minor cases including oesophagomyotomies,…
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Chirurgie assistée par robotique – Cinq prédictions pour 2022

Asensus Surgical CEO Anthony Fernando extrapolates from current trends, and provides insights into the future of robotics-assisted surgery, digitized surgery and telesurgery. There’s been much discussion regarding robotics-assisted surgery, digitized surgery and telesurgery, including much to be celebrated. For example, new forms of augmented intelligence allow robotic-assisted surgical platforms to perceive (computer vision), learn (machine…
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Distalmotion boucle un tour de financement de 90 millions de dollars de série E

Distalmotion has raised $90 million in Series E financing to support the global commercialization and accelerate adoption of its surgical robot Dexter. The round was led by Revival Healthcare Capital (Revival) with participation from 415 CAPITAL (415), as well as existing investors. CE-marked Dexter shifts the paradigm of robotic surgery by bringing the surgeon back into the…
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