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A few things we’re great at

As strategy consultants our aim is to support businesses wanting to launch into the European market. We are here to support companies through device development as well as with their launch and sales preparation whether that be branding and marketing or identifying KOLs to help prepare for wider launch with initial sales (prior to a sales representative).
We have local consultants in each of the EU markets who really understand their market, customers and have the ability to reach out to the stakeholders that will drive your business. Utilizing their local knowledge to build an EU launch plan.
We are mandated by some companies in Europe to find new partners who are looking:
• to enter the European market, and thus market their product in Europe,
• European and non-European companies who want to grow their business by searching new products to represent and distribute in their own country,

Opportunity & risk assesment

Proof of principle
• Situation analysis
* Understanding market trends
* Review of competition
* Key unmet needs
* Market access and reimbursement issues and potential
* Market Size
• Observational review of competitor products
• Identification of KOLs/Advocates

Proof of concept

Build prototypes and test
• Customer voice and initial design inputs via storyboards
• Early concept review of initial prototypes
• Minimum attribute identification
• Unmet needs update
• Continued review of market targets / stakeholders


Validation studies
• Customer input to final design options
• Cognitive debriefing of instructions pre-cliniacl traial / testing
• Concept evaluation and user refinement
• Initial value proposition messaging

Validation and launch preparation

Business Plan
• Branding and communication : Idea generation, message and concept testing, advertissing review
• Value proposition and messaging for different stakeholders
• Educational & training materials
• Business assistance : Distributors / sales reps, identification, symposium, support

Post launch / Launch & Go-to-market

We will understand all your strengths and specificities before proposing, building and managing the commercial strategy for your business and potential clients. 
• Save time and money by aligning with a successful sales team
• Gateway collaboration and training for long term sales and support
• Country and Market alignment to regulatory and business expectations

Brokerage & Sourcing

Global sourcing of medical devices for healthcare providers and distributors, a tailored package according to your exacting standards and detailed product specifications.

Sourcing medical devices :
With our expertise of medical devices we work with key suppliers offering a bespoke sourcing facility for healthcare providers and industry.

A global solution in the sourcing of medical devices helping you manage your supply chain and sourcing requirements

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